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The following is covered by Neon Umbra Entertainment(ltd) Standard Blackout NDA. Violation of NDA is grounds for prosecution under Zurrig-Orbital Corporate Court Order 2046.78

For immediate exclusive release to Neon Umbra board members.

Shadows Alive!
Genre: Shadowrunning/Reality Trivid
Format: Live broadcasting Simsense/Trivid. Post-Broadcast edited Simsense/Trivid episode packages.
Schedule: Variable. No more then one live broadcast/week, no fewer then one live broadcast/month.

Concept: Shadowrunners are the novahot stars of the popconciousness. Amoral Robin Hoods and terrorists with a heart of gold, the Shadowrunner has become the most profitable memetype of the current media cycle. Fully 43% of Neon Umbra’s post-production profit margin in 2057-59 came from Shadowrunner linked properties. Despite this, no media company* has yet to attempt a Shadowrunner reality show. (*CorpCourt Certified media company: see “Frag This Drek” (Seattle pirate-tridcast – 2055), “Run” (Denver pirate-tridcast – 2051-2053), “untitled broadcasts” (Portland pirate-tridcast, 2058) for non-CCC media examples and proof of viability of concept)

With recent Zurrig-Orbital Corporate Court Order 2060.04, NUE is cleared to begin production and broadcast of the first ever Shadowrunner reality show, with a potential mind-market of 23% within the UCAS alone.

“Shadows Alive!” will follow a NUE selected and managed Shadowrun team on ‘runs’ from their initial meet with “Mr. Johnson” to an end of mission review with our own ShadowCelebrity Panel of judges. Each member of the team (4-6 potential members) will be outfitted with an implanted or external Simsense rig set for live-broadcast over NUE’s proprietary wireless network. Additionally, a fleet of discrete micro broadcast drones will cover every aspect of the team’s work.

All Simsense and tridvid broadcasts will be streamed live through NUE’s Matrix site allowing for viewers to follow the action as it happens. After the conclusion of a run, packaged ‘episodes’ of combined Simsense and tridvid footage will be released, allowing for a more streamlined and intense version of events will be made available to viewers.

Cast & Cost: NUE cast is limited to one (1) team-liaison/show host (“The Fixer”), one (1) mentor consultant to be made available to the team, and three (3) ShadowCelebrity Judges who’ll perform a post-run denouement of the team’s actions. Editing, drone maintenance, and publicity are all performed in-house by pre-existing NUE employees. Team members receive no salary and are paid by their “Mr. Johnsons”. Medical coverage and benefits are provided by advertising partners of NUE at no cost to the company.
Projected overall Costs – Minimal (1.4/10)

Legal Concerns: With the approval of Zurrig-Orbital Corporate Court Order 2060.04, NUE is freed from any legal and financial liability for the actions of any “Shadows Alive!” cast during the performance of their duties. No company may take retributive action beyond those allowed by normal extraterritoriality laws. A similar agreement has been reached with the UCAS government and Lone Star. Should any members of the Shadows Alive! cast be arrested in the course of their duty by government or corporate forces, they will be treated as normal for their crimes committed. No legal action may be taken against NUE by any party.

Summery: “Shadows Alive!” gives NUE the unique opportunity to be the first actualizer of a significant unutilized mind-market at minimal cost or legal risk. Due to the minimal infrastructure investments needed, “Shadows Alive!” may be cleared for production immediately upon the recruitment of a suitable team of individuals.

>>>>>(Well well well. Look what I just pulled up during my morning trawl…)<<<<<
- StarGazer (09:05:12/01-08-60)

>>>>>(I was wondering what CCO 2060.04 was about. Not what I expected at all. The blackmail department of NEU deserves a raise for forcing this out of the Court.)<<<<<
- The Chromed Accountant (09:08:34/01-08-60)

>>>>>(Oh god. A fresh wave of reality-trid newbs running amuck and broadcast live? I’m not gonna miss an episode!)<<<<<
-The Laughing Bandit (Strikes:Again:!/Ha-Ha-Ha)

>>>>>(Is DangerGames going to put up a bounty on these idiots the moment we know who they are? Because I’ll chip into the pot for once. Just to protect the gene pool.)<<<<<
-ChipTruth (09:11:19/01-08-60)

>>>>>(Nix on that. They don’t mention it in the dox, but NUE’s going to be using live trid-editing to replace everyone’s face during broadcast. Hopefully with people who don’t actually exist, or some poor slot’s going to have a rough time of it.)<<<<<
- sudoMaster (09:15:24/01-08-60)

>>>>>(Wait, live editing of trid and Simsense? That doesn’t actually exist outside of “LoneStar Forensics”.)<<<<<
- Slag Master (09:18:04/01-08-60)

>>>>>(You obviously haven’t been keeping up on Neon Entertainment’s recent patent applications, have you?)<<<<<
- sudoMaster (09:23:41/01-08-60)

>>>>>(Not everyone slots enough nukoke to keep your schedule of 72 hour info browsing marathons, sudo. For the rest of us mere mortals, here’s a link to the details.)<<<<<
-Fastjack (09:26:58/01-08-60)

>>>>>(Did some checking and have confirmed all this and more. I’ve set up a dedicated room to “Shadows Alive!” before it blows up across the rest of Shadownet. Moving this discussion and the other 47 that’ve cropped up in the last twenty minutes over.)<<<<<
-Captain Chaos (09:28:00/01-08-60)

Internal Neon Umbra Entertainment Memo

Guidelines for “Shadows Alive!” recruitment.

Visual Style: Unique, but not too unique.
While nothing catches the public’s eye like the new, bizarre, and unique, “Shadows Alive!” will be broadcast in a wide variety of markets and must thus be careful not to be too extreme for some tastes. As such, proposed Shadowrunners should be of one of the main five metaraces (human, dwarf, elf, troll, and ork) and from a relatively mainstream magical tradition if Awakened. No Meta-subraces, no drakes, and most assuredly no free spirits or shape shifters or nagas, dear lord!
*Addition: SURGE victims are suitable recruitment subjects depending on the extent of physical and mental mutations.

Mental Characteristics: Plays Well With Others
While we all know that fractious personalities makes great vid, we can’t have too high an interpersonal conflict rate if we want our show to retain its subjects for longer then an episode. A Mitshushima Zero Zone is no place for petty bickering if we want our cast to live longer then a single run. As such, markedly anti-social personalities are discouraged. This includes unremittant loners, runners with marked bigotries, and murderously aggressive tendencies.

Social Characteristics: Free to Travel
While we are focusing on the Seattle Metroplex for our pilot season, we expect an increase in project scope once “Shadows Alive!” earns its piece of viewer share. As such, Runners who are overly tied down to a single location are to be avoided for recommendation. This includes runners who are tied to a single organization such as the Mafia, or have overly tight familial obligations, or who’s mystical abilities are tied to a specific spot.

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